Freelance front-end developer

As a front-end developer i have gained years of experience in several branches and companies with focus on delivery of solid front-end solutions according to webstandards built in our browsers, often javascript driven.

Front-end developer

A front-end developer is responsible for converting a graphic/interaction design of a webpage while making it accessible and behavior possible.

Pepijn Friederichs has been working since 1999 (as from 2005 as a independent/ZZP-er) front-end developer, with a strong focus on the progressive enhancement method. Working on projectbasis for governmental organisations, internet agencies, advertising agencies, banking and companies.

Developing front-end (websites / webapplications):

This website has been developed / is maintained in an environment which consists of: git, webstorm, nodejs, npm.

Used methodes/tools/software/language/versioning on this website: html5, css, javascript, progressive enhancement, npm, webstorm, git, sass/scss, postcss, htmlhint, eslint, stylelint

Server: Linux Debian 9 on VPS
Webserver: Apache httpd
Front-end build/deployment method: npm scripts / rsync

The front-end developer in me:

  • Remains up-to-date in current front-end development by making choices
  • Working with a pragmatic mind, searching for solutions that work
  • Modern browsers offer even more possibilities in the area of interaction and layout such as css grid layout en flexbox and i use them more and more
  • Putting and using a structured frontend workflow by using package managers, build tools and pre-processors such as npm, webpack, gulp, sass and code linting
  • Feeling comfortable in these areas: html5(html), CSS and JavaScript: wide experience on javascript on basis of es6+ or TypeScript, applying es6 modules in professional environment(2017/18), professional experience of javascript libraries/frameworks such as: VueJS(single file components / Vuex / Vue Router / vue cli), React, knockoutJS, jQuery(past) in professional environments. Developing on current webstandards of W3C, always keeping an eye on accessible data.
  • Large experience on working Agile/scrum
  • Keeping strict separation between layout (CSS), structure (HTML) and behavior(JavaScript)
  • Useful experience in working together with frontend/backend programmers as well as graphic/ux designers
  • In the past gained experience on building database driven websites using serverside scripting in PHP and MySQL in LAMP omgeving(Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP). Oa. websites built using a cms solution: Open Source Content Management System CMS Made Simple